Going new, gentle, joint-conserving ways: Step by step

1993: Establishment of ORTHOGEN AG in Düsseldorf with a focus on molecular orthopaedics
1996: Development of the ACS therapy (autologous conditioned serum)
2001: Market launch of the first ORTHOKIN syringe
2002: Development of the Arthromatrix® autologous chondrocyte transplantation
2002: Establishment of ORTHOGEN Lab Services GmbH as distributor
2004: Development and launch of the EOT®II syringe to optimise the ACS therapy
2004: Publication of the muscle regeneration study with 29 patients
2007: Publication of the double-blind trial on 84 patients with nerve root compression
2009: Publication of the double-blind knee osteoarthritis study on 376 patients with the medical device EOT®II
2013: Internationalisation and expansion of the global business
2014: International ORTHOKIN® Symposium in Varazdin (Croatia)
2015: More than 400,000 medical devices sold worldwide
2015: Publication of the observational study over 2 years with 118 knee osteoarthosis patients.
2016: Publication of the the review “How does surgery compare with advanced intra-articular therapies in knee osteoarthritis: current thoughts”
2016: 10.-11.6.2016 1. International Symposium for Molekulare Medicine in Düsseldorf, organized from Stiftung Molekulare Medizin.
New, natural ways in joint disorders and sports injuries

Together with Klaus Wehling and the biologist Dr. Julio Reinecke, Professor Dr. med. Peter Wehling founded the company ORTHOGEN in 1993. This was inspired by his research for American universities, where the world-renowned osteoarthritis specialist was looking for a gentle, joint-preserving alternative to the traditional surgical methods. ORTHOGEN Lab Services GmbH is a subsidiary of ORTHOGEN AG. Since 2002, ORTHOGEN Lab Services GmbH has been globally distributing a patented medical device – the EOT®II syringe. This device is typically used by office-based physicians for preparing autologous conditioned serum (ACS). The ORTHOGEN Group conducts its research and development as well as its manufacturing in Germany. And in the future? The makers have big plans.
In addition to Professor Dr. med. Peter Wehling, Dr. rer. nat. Julio Reinecke (Head of Research and Development of ORTHOGEN AG), Dr. med. Tanju Kaptan (Medical Director of ORTHOGEN AG) and Dr. rer. nat. Hendrik Rönsch (Managing Director of ORTHOGEN Lab Services GmbH) are the masterminds of the ORTHOGEN-Gruppe.